Intro to YYJ Tech Slack Channels

Slack is organized into "channels" on the left-hand side bar. You can navigate between channels, join, leave and create as you like in this space - it's up to you.

  • Channels below with a link have active channel stewardship* to help grow and support the channel
  • Channels without a link have more varying participation, but you're still welcome to join
  • Into something else more niche? Search in the channels to find others with the same interest, or start something of your own and let others know in #-channel-discovery

As mentioned in our Code of Conduct spam section, please keep discussion related to the YYJ (aka Victoria, BC) and nearby communities unless the channel specifically mentions otherwise.

Popular Channels


Relating to the YYJ Tech and local Vancouver Island community topics

Channel Description Channel Steward(s)
#annoucements Mod-only annoucements @jen
#ask-yyjtech-hive-mind Have a general question that you'd like to crowd source? Post it here. Open*
#classifieds Buy & sell stuff. Mostly Victoria-based postings. Open*
#introductions Introduce yourself and what you want out of the community here Open*
#learning Share resources and ask questions in a learning-friendly environment Open*
#events Vancouver Island-related tech events Open*
#meta Discussion of making YYJ Tech a better place @jen
#openhack A long-running Victoria tech event Open*
#remote A place to connect with others who work remotely Open*
#shamelessplug Brag about something you're up to - but please keep it focused to topics related to Vancouver Island Open*

Job-Seekers and Posters

Topics related to seeking or providing work opportunities

Channel Description Channel Steward(s)
#buy-a-coffee Ask questions of people who have experience with specific Vancouver Island companies to learn if you'd like to apply there Open*
#co-founder-hunt Find others looking for a cofounder Open*
#contracts_and_jerbs Post contracts or announce openness to contract work Open*
#job-postings Post available jobs. Please use the form pinned at the top of the channel Open*
#seeking-opportunities Post that you're available and looking for new opportunities Open*

Support and Help

Get help and support from others in the community on a variety of subtopics

Channel Description Channel Steward(s)
#career-chat General Vancouver Island tech-sector jobs discussions Open*
#freelancers Freelance-related questions Open*
#immigration Immigration-related questions Open*
#law-stuff-ama Law-related questions Open*
#lgbt Connect with LGBTQS+ members and allies Open*
#mentorship Request or offer mentorship Open*
#resume Ask for resume feedback Open*
#salary Open space to discuss challenges and curiosities about salary and salary transparency Open*

Non-Tech Social Discussions

Connect around hobbies and current affairs

Channel Description Channel Steward(s)
#coffee The exlir of life Open*
#current-events Current events in the world. Keep it civil. Open*
#cycling Two-wheeled human-powered transportation discussions Open*
#food Restaurants, recipes, drooling and other food-related banter Open*
#games All gaming-related topics on the table Open*
#gardening Chat with others growing green things Open*
#news Tech-related news Open*
#photography Picture taking of all kinds. Open*
#politics The less-civil version of #current-events. Open*
#random The place to share something that doesn't fit anywhere else. Usually silly things. Open*
#watercooler A stream of general current affairs and general chatter. Open*


Share knowledge, ask questions and connect with others in your area of expertise - or aspiring expertise

Channel Channel Steward(s)
#customer-success Open*
#data-science Open*
#design Open*
#dev Open*
#devops Open*
#front-end Open*
#finance Open*
#game-dev Open*
#marketing Open*
#sales Open*
#product-management Open*


Chatter and news about niche technical topics

Channel Channel Steward(s)
#architecture Open*
#apple Open*
#aws Open*
#azure Open*
#canadalearningcode Open*
#design-systems Open*
#gearheads Open*
#opensource Open*
#pchardware Open*
#react Open*
#security Open*

* Interested in becoming a Channel Steward? Apply here.