Channel Stewards

Channel Stewards started in 2023 as a result of the feedback from the community as part of the Evolution of YYJ Tech. It is a volunteer role, tapping into individuals who are interested in helping improve the YYJ Tech community.

Channel stewards see ourselves as the "community for supporting the community", not top-down leadership. We opted for the title of "Channel Steward" and not "moderator" because the role encompasses both the moderation of content, and the orchestration of processes and practices to improve the Slack group and the wider YYJ Tech community.

Channel Stewardship Responsibilities

Channel Stewards are responsible both for stewarding their channels, and supporting the Steward community to grow and mature. We strive for their role to look like this:

  • Leverage the Equity Sequence to support equitable decision making .
  • Monitor their channel(s) and the stewardship forum for potential issues regularly.
  • Support others to work through active issues collectively as they arise.
  • Help cover for others if they have to step away for some reason.
  • Retro/check in once a month (or other timeframe we agree to) - ideally synchronously.
  • Identify a “next step” that you will work to implement to help make your channel(s) or the community better, and bring updates on where it’s at monthly. We will aim to make these tiny #agile.
  • Never feel guilty for not “doing enough”. The community will take all the energy you are willing give - as in, we are both grateful for whatever you want to give, and also it will eat up ALL of your energy if you let it.

Current Stewards

joined YYJ Tech 2016

Jen Reiher

I was the cofounder of the original YYJ Tech Slack group, YYJ Tech Ladies. I have been studying, working or volunteering in something related to equity and inclusion for 25+ years.




  • #announcements
  • #meta
joined YYJ Tech 2021

Andrina Kelly

I have been in a leadership position for 10+ years and participate in both the accessibility and women in tech employee resource groups in my organization.


@Andrina Kelly


  • #buy-a-coffee
  • #events
joined YYJ Tech 2023

Nik Richers

I've managed Slack communities, advocated for diversity and inclusion, promoted diverse leadership, and taught ethics classes.


@Nik Richers


  • #freelancers
  • #introductions
  • #job-postings
  • #pchardware
joined YYJ Tech 2016

John Oram

I have been an advocate for people without the same sort of power during my leadership roles within the companies I've worked for.




  • #dev
  • #mentorship
  • #watercooler
joined YYJ Tech 2016

Jamie Starke

Previous organizer of DevOpsDays Victoria, previous organizer of Whisky Oriented Development. I stand up for what's right.


@Jamie Starke


  • #ask-yyjtech-hive-mind
  • #career-chat
  • #classifieds
  • #contract-opportunities
  • #salary
  • #seeking-opportunities
joined YYJ Tech 2018

Brett Goss

I have moderated multiple slack communities in the past. I value listening, understanding, and constantly examining my own beliefs, even if it is uncomfortable.




  • #cycling
  • #coffee
  • #gearheads
  • #gardening
  • #random
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